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Christi Nasser is an entrepreneur, business owner, and an acclaimed event planner with a degree in marketing and international business from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has received several awards including the 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022 Couples Choice Award by WeddingWire inc., a leading global wedding marketplace for her company Epic Thyme.

Nasser is constantly in motion, loves to take action, and is obsessed with finances. She has experience in business startups, bookkeeping, building relationships, motivating, and inspiring others to do what they love, market themselves, and leave an impact on those they meet.

Christi has been on multiple TV streams including two-time Emmy Award-winning reality series called Undercover Boss on CBS for Squaw Valley.  She was also voted top 10 favorite employees Nationwide by the American people and starred in a second episode called Epic Employees (Press Release) which featured the most intriguing employees who have appeared on the show.  Watch Here 


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Lake Tahoe

Christi ventured out to Lake Tahoe from the East Coast after high school to follow her dreams in the snowboard industry.  She was a competitive snowboarder at the age of 15 and has traveled to over 22 countries. 


"Snowboarding changed my life! --After riding for the first time, all I wanted to do was be the best person I could possibly be so that my mother would allow me to snowboard, travel, compete and live the best life I could! It brings me the present moment!" 


Now Christi spends her winters in Tahoe at her cabin that is only snowmobile accessible on her favorite mountain range!


Wedding Planner

After falling in love with snowboarding, Christi decided she wanted her "work-life" to compliment her hobbies! That is when she started working in the wedding event industry after college in 2012. 


"It is perfect, I get to snowboard while planning remotely and in the summers I work weddings every weekend!"


After knowing that this career fits perfectly into her lifestyle, Christi started an event company from scratch called, Epic Thyme Events in 2017.  In just a few short years her company has been voted "Couples Choice" from the leading global wedding marketplace and has been featured in Real Weddings Magazine twice!

"What I love most about weddings, is that everyone is happy! It is the best day of their lives, and I  get to be a part of creating that special day for them!" -CN



Christi strives to be the best at everything she does!  She loves the outdoors, quality time with friends, meeting new people and most of all learning! 

"I have never been able to sit still. Some people see it as a flaw and are consistently reminding me to 'just relax' but I want to 10X my life! There is just so much to learn, and I do not want to waste time on things that are not improving my life.  I want to keep moving forward and growing!" -CN


Life is fun and full of surprises.  If you take charge, you can make anything happen.  Go with the flow and watch it unfold. 


"I am so grateful to live this life.  I do not know where I am going to land next, but I know that we are in charge!  I notice that every thought of mine has come to reality. So I find it important to be aware of your thoughts, be kind, and be positive!"


In short, Christi believes in creating your reality, and happiness is the way!!

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